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Changing company contact with ClickSuper

If a client needs to change or add new contacts please see the following links:

Updating Contacts

Updating Company Email Address

Adding New Users

If a contact is no longer with the organisation and a new contact needs to gain access to the account, please email the ClickSuper Support Team at from company email address, confirming that the old contact for the account has left and that access needs to the account needs to be obtained.

We have created a template for contacts to request access if the old contact has left the company. To use, simply copy and paste the following template into an email, fill in the XXXXXX  fields with the appropriate information  and send to If you have more than one ABN please advise in the email so can add access to all the relevant organisations at the same time.


I am writing to confirm that our old contact has left the organisation and I require access to be created for our account.

My organisation's ABN is: XXXXXX

My organisation's name is XXXXXX

The old contact is: XXXXXX

The new contact is:

First Name: XXXXXX

Last Name: XXXXXX

Email Address: XXXXXX

Email Address for notifications: XXXXXX

Please confirm once this has been completed.

Kind regards,


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