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Changing payroll software providers with ClickSuper

If an organisation has changed payroll software providers this is fine - in most cases ClickSuper can continue to support clients in fulfilling their superannuation and STP obligations. To facilitate the change in provider, we will need to migrate your ClickSuper account to a different configuration to ensure it connects correctly with your new payroll system before superannuation from the new payroll software can be uploaded. This is a free service.

If we cannot support your new payroll software provider we will let you know.

Once a final super payment has been processed from an old payroll provider, please send us an email to confirming the following:

  • ABN of your organisation
  • Name of your organisation
  • Old payroll software provider
  • New payroll software provider

We have created a template for organisations to use to make it easy to migrate - simply copy and paste the following template into an email, fill in the XXXXXX  fields with the appropriate information  and send to If you have more than one ABN please advise in the email so can migrate all your accounts at the same time.


I am writing to confirm that our payroll software provider has changed and I would like our account migrated to the new payroll software provider.

My organisation's ABN is: XXXXXX

My organisation's name is XXXXXX

My old payroll software provider is: XXXXXX

My new payroll software provider is: XXXXXX

I can confirm that we have paid our final superannuation through the old payroll software provider and are good to go for the new payroll software provider.

If I need any API credentials please let me know what they are in your response.

Please confirm once this has been completed.

Kind regards,


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