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SuperStream Contribution Overview

Version: 0.1.0

Date: 21st April 2015



1 Overview
1.1 Confidentiality
1.2 Update History
1.3 Document Purpose and Background
1.4 Beta Testing Program
1.5 Message and Transaction Concepts
2 Functionality implemented in this release
2.1 Generic Functionality and Navigation
2.1.1 Logging In
2.1.2 Organisation Dashboard
2.1.3 Select Organisation
2.2 Menu Bar
2.3 Message Dashboard
2.4 Message Manager
2.5 Notes – Add a note to a message
2.6 Export to CSV
2.7 Filtering
2.8 SuperFunds
2.9 Upload a Contribution File
2.10 Scheduling Payments
2.11 Payment Status
2.12 Returns Process
Appendix: Error Messages



ClickSuper Pty Ltd has prepared this document in good faith. This document may only be used, duplicated or distributed with the written permission of ClickSuper Pty Ltd.
Copyright  2013

Update History






April 2015


Initial document created for Betastream release 4.2

Document Purpose and Background

Release 0.1 implemented the look and feel of the user interface components that will be used throughout the application.
This document provides information about the pages and functionality added for the ClickSuper User Interface (UI) release in Beta for Uploading Contributions and Scheduling Payments.

Beta Testing Program

ClickSuper manages Organisations at the granularity of Fund ABN.
Access to more than 1 organisation is possible via functionality known as 3rd party access.
3rd party access is granted via the new user page (please consult with ClickSuper Support if 3rd party access has been granted).
Having logged into ClickSuper, users with 3rd party access are able to select an organisation from the Organisation Dashboard.

Message and Transaction Concepts

Contribution Messages:
Two message types can be created:

  • Contribution Message (Contribution)
  • Combined Message -Contribution and Member Registration/Update (Cont + Reg) for selected default superfund

Functionality implemented in this release

USER MENUGeneric Functionality and Navigation


Logging In

  • This will return you to the Organisation Dashboard
  • Logs the user in with the allocated 3rd party access to an Organisation's if access is permitted.

Organisation Dashboard

If you have access to multiple organisations then they will all appear on the Organisation Dashboard.
A green tick in the Verified column indicates the organisation is enabled to make contribution payments. If the Organisation is not verified this will indicate that all necessary Organisation details have not been completed for authorisation for that organisation and superannuation payments cannot be made.

Select Organisation

  • To select an Organisation highlight the row on the Organisation Dashboard
  • The loading dialog will appear and the user will be returned to Message Dashboard for that Organisation. The Organisation name will appear in the Title Menu.

Menu Bar

Users can navigate between pages by selecting the appropriate link from the left hand side menu bar. The following links have been implemented:

  • Organisation Dashboard
  • Message Dashboard
  • Message Manager
  • SuperFunds
  • Uploads
  • Payment Dashboard
  • PaymentManager

Not implemented in this release
Audit Manager

Message Dashboard

The Message Dashboard displays a summary of Contribution and Registration Messages and Responses.
From this screen a user can:

  • Select and drill down on a Message status to the Message Manager page

Message Manager

Display all New, Active and Overdue messages
The page has three tab views:

  • Transaction
  • Member
  • Product
  • Transmission
  • Payment

From this page a user can:

  • Select a message and view all the details
  • Export Messages to SAFF (Superannuation Alternative File Format) format
  • Filter and sort the grid contents

Sequencing the grid contents

  • Message Manager displays messages sequenced by Date (most recent at the top of the list)
  • Messages can be re-sequenced by clicking a column header

Command Bar (context sensitive i.e. options depend on the status of the message selected)

Notes – Add a note to a message

Messages with notes added are highlighted on Message Manager with a green tick (this has not been implemented in the current release).

Export to CSV

All Contribution and Registration Messages can be exported to the Alternative Format CSV file.
By selecting the Export command the Export Message dialog will appear for the user to select to Export and select Export.


Page contents can be filtered by using Filter on the Grid.
The Filter icon is context sensitive; it will only be displayed on screens that support filtering.


  • Select the 'FILTER' icon on the column grid
  • Select any combination of criteria. The data will be filtered by combining the criteria
  • Leaving the criteria fields blank means no records will filtered out
  • Select Filter to display the messages that meet the criteria
  • If RESET is selected the filter values are cleared ready for new criteria

Not implemented in this release
Name and Save filter functionality


Displays all Super Funds and Fund Products stored in database.
Please note there are over 500 000 SMSF's if you select to include SMSF this will slow search results.

From this screen a user can:

  • Create a new Payee (for deductions)
  • Apply a Filter and view results.

Upload a Contribution File

  • Select Upload menu item

  • Select +NEW icon on the Command Bar at the bottom of the screen

  • When the NEW dialog appears select the UPLOAD link

  • On the New Upload dialog select your files (multiples files can be selected)

  • The progress indicator will display when its 100% finished. Close the New Upload dialog

  • On the Uploads page when the file has finished executing the Status will appear as WaitingForUserAcceptance

  1. Select DETAILS to view the reconciliation reports
  2. Select ACCEPT  to accept the file and scheduled for the Payment
  3. Select REJECT to reject the file
  4. If the Status is Failed – select the Error icon to view the Errors.

When the File is ACCEPT the Status will change to Success.

The payments are ready to be scheduled.

Scheduling Payments

  • Select the Payment Dashboard menu item

These will display all your payments as Scheduled if you have selected all payments to automatically be scheduled. If your setting is not set up to be auto scheduled they will appear as Unscheduled. Select the unscheduled items and select the Schedule All button on the command bar
Clicksuper allows you to schedule contributions payments based on your debit interval. ClickSuper requires three business days to process each contribution. You will need to ensure that all payments are scheduled three business days prior to the due date of any contribution.
All contributions payments are grouped by fund. This payment may include contributions for one or many employees.
Important: Unscheduled payments will not be initiated until a schedule payment date is selected.
To change a scheduled date select the payment row and select Cancel this will make the payment unscheduled and select another payment date.
Once all superannuation payments are scheduled your nominated bank account will be debited to the fund the superannuation payment.
Your nominated ClickSuper funding account will be debited on the next available business day for all scheduled payments saved after 4pm. If you schedule the payment on a business day prior to 4pm EST your account will be debited on the same business day. ClickSuper does not process payments on weekends or national public holidays. Payments scheduled on weekends or national public holidays will be process the next available business day.

  • Select the Scheduled number to link down into the Payment Manager to display all payments.

Payment Status

ClickSuper will provide payment statuses of contributions you have scheduled for payments. ClickSuper payments and funding transactions may fail and it is important that you check the payment status of your contributions.
ClickSuper will keep you updated of the status of your payments. It is important that you take action recommended in the table below for payments that have not been processed.

Payment Status


Credit Failed

Payment to a fund as failed – contact the ClickSuper Helpdesk

Credit Sent

Payment Sent to the fund

Debit Failed

Direct Debit of your ClickSuper funding account has failed, scheduled payments will not be sent – contact the ClickSuper Helpdesk

Debit Sent

Your ClickSuper funding account has been debited for scheduled contributions


Payments have been scheduled


Credit Sent payments will move to Paid after 3 business days


Credit Sent payments have been accessed by the superfund


The nominated debit account has not be authorised for payments – please contact the ClickSuper Helpdesk.

Returns Process

  • When monies are returned to ClickSuper.
  • ClickSuper repatriates the monies to the original bank account and provides any information the returning Fund have provided.

Appendix: Error Messages

These are our current standard errors for File Upload for V4 which apply to SuperStream and non SuperStream uploads. Please note we are incorporating an error code field (column 1) but please note based on client feedback the message content (Column 3) may be change.





SwimEC XSD validation failed

SwimEC document uploaded has failed XSD validation


TargetESA blank

must not be null or blank


TargetFundABN not registered

is not registered in FVS


TargetProductID not registered

is not registered in FVS


ContributorEmail blank

must not be null or blank


ContributorName blank

must not be null or blank


ContributorABN not registered

is not registered with Clicksuper


ContributorABN not in the same channel

is not available to be uploaded by this user account


ContributorDefaultBankAccount not registered

is not registered with Clicksuper


SuperMemberFamilyName blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberGivenName blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberGender blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberBirthDate blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberEmail blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberAddressLine1 blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberSuburb blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberState blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberPostcode blank

must not be null or blank


SuperMemberPostcode not digits

must be digits


SuperMemberCountryCode blank

must not be null or blank


SuperFundAmount not equal the sum of total number of SuperMember amount

must equal the sum of total number of SuperMember amount


Schematron validation failed

Schematron validation against {0} failed


ContributorPayCentreID not registered

is not registered with Clicksuper


ContributorPayCentreID blank

must not be null or blank


No organisation branch exists

No organisation branch exists


TargetBSB blank

must not be null or blank


TargetAccountNumber blank

must not be null or blank


TargetAccountName blank

must not be null or blank


Xsd validation failed

Xsd validation against {0} failed


PayerABN not registered

is not registered with Payment Adviser


PayerBranch not registered

is not registered for this ABN


PayerABN not in the same channel

is not available to be uploaded by this user account


Bank details do not match

when combined with PayerAccount is not registered for this Payer


InterchangeId already used

has previously been accepted and is unavailable for upload


PayerABN blank

must not be null or blank


SupplierBSB blank

must not be null or blank


SupplierAccountNumber blank

must not be null or blank


SupplierAmount blank

must not be null or blank


RemittanceAmount not greater than zero

must be greater than zero


PaymentAmount does not equal the sum of RemittanceAmounts

must equal the sum of the RemittanceAmounts


SupplierName blank

must not be null or blank


PayeeShortName not registered

is not registered with Payment Adviser


Sender Family Name blank

is blank


Sender Given Name blank

is blank


Sender Email blank

is blank


Sender Telephone blank

is blank


Pay Period Start Date

is blank


Pay Period End Date

is blank


Payment not greater than zero

must be greater than zero


InterchangeId blank

must not be null or blank


Invalid format

invalid format



an unexpected error has occurred

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