The Australian Banking System Direct Debit Processing Rules

When funds are direct debited from a nominated bank account by ClickSuper to ClickSuper 's trust account the sending customer bank may at any time within 3 banking business days demand their return e.g. due to insufficient customer funds. Monies must be returned upon demand, so, to ensure they are available ClickSuper must wait 3 business days before crediting the payee.

The below table details the process that a contribution will go through. If a contribution should be paid by a certain deadline it is important that clients allow 4 business days to ensure that monies have time to clear and be sent to the superfunds before the deadline is reached.

For end of financial year ClickSuper will send out correspondence to clients as well as have a help guide page to ensure that they are aware of appropriate dates so they can plan their payroll scheduling accordingly.

Did you know?

  • Account closing balances are calculated at midnight.
  • If you schedule your payments on a business day before 4pm AEST, contributions will be remitted to the superfund(s) on the 4th business day.
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