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Accessing the Error Report

When a file upload fails in ClickSuper, an error report is created advising why the file has failed. The error report is important as without reading it, clients will not know why a file has failed. Clients should read the error report and work through the errors displayed, making appropriate corrections within their payroll software before re-submitting the file with the corrections made.

An error report can only be read for a failed file - not a successful file. Clients need to fix errors within payroll - errors cannot be fixed in ClickSuper.

To access an error report, click the UPLOADS menu option on the left hand side of the site.  In the Uploads page that opens, select the row of the failed upload and click ERRORS button from the black action menu at the bottom of the page.

Clients can also open the error report by clicking the name of the file as shown below. This will only work for Failed files however - not successful files.

Reading the Error Report

The Error Report shows details of the error that occurred in an uploaded file which resulted in a failed upload. This report gives information such as the field and the value which caused the error along with a description of the error. You are also given details of how to locate the field in your accounting software. If you have any difficulty in doing this, please contact your payroll software provider.

An example of an error report is displayed below. Error reports are only displayed for files with the status Failed.

The error report displays simple identifying information such as the name of the file and when it was uploaded at the top of the report. 

The error report also provides specific information for each error. In the above example the error has occurred within the superfund/ recipient area of the file, specifically relating to the TargetProductID field - or USI (unique superannuation identifier) field. The specific USI in question causing the error is ASF0001AU which relates to Austsafe Superannuation Fund - the Organisation Name of the entity we are trying to upload a payment to. It is in this fashion the error report drills down into the file, providing more specific information regarding the error so clients can pinpoint the problem.

The message of the error is advising that the TargetProductID must be a Superstream compliant USI. This tells us that there is something wrong with the superfund details provided for Austsafe Superannuation Fund.

To investigate the above error clients should use our Search facility to search our superfund database and see if the ABN and USI for the superfund are valid. For a guide on how to do this please see the following guide: Search. If when searching by the ABN and USI there are no results it is likely that the superannuation fund no longer exists which is the case in this particular issue.  Each error is different however - not all errors relate to superfunds.

Some common errors our clients encounter include (but are not limited to):

  • invalid ESA for a SMSF
  • invalid TFN for an employee
  • restricted funds
  • missing employee data - email address, postal address, phone number

When the erroneous data has been identified, please update within your payroll software and re-upload a new file into ClickSuper containing the updated data.

If you need help with an error please reach out to the Support team by emailing or clicking here to chat with us. Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:30pm (AEST), excluding public holidays.

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