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Accessing the Error Report

To access an error report, click Uploads.  In the Uploads page that opens, select the row of the failed upload and click Errors from the black action menu at the bottom of the page to open the error report.


Error Report

The Error Report shows details of the error that occurred in an uploaded file which resulted in a failed upload. This report gives information such as the field and the value which caused the error along with a description of the error. You are also given details of how to locate the field in your accounting software. If you have any difficulty in doing this, please contact your payroll software provider.



Error Report Table

The fields in this report are described in the following table:




Unique name of the uploaded file.


Date and time of the upload.

Error 1- The first error in the report. This section gives information of the area and field in the file that has an error and describes the error. If there are other errors, there will be subsequent sections such as Error 2, Error 3 etc.

Error Number

Number of the error.


The area in the file where the field, that has the error, is located.


Field Name: TFN

The field with the value that caused an error.

Contains with or Starts with: 22222222

The value that caused the error.

Message: Invalid TFN

This is a description of the error. In this example, the error occurred because 22222222 is an invalid TFN.

Find by Searching For- This section gives details to locate the field that contains the error, in the file.

ID: Line 1

The row ID in the file. The TFN field, which has the error, is in this row.

Given Name: Peter

First name of the member whose TFN is invalid and has caused the error.

Family Name: Smith

Last name of the member whose TFN is invalid and has caused the error.

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