If you need to register an account to pay disbursements please see the Registering - Disbursements guide or contact us at support@clicksuper.com.au for more information.

Before making payment through ClickSuper, client's will need to send monies to their VBA account. The VBA account is basically a holding account which a client will send money to, from which ClickSuper disburses from to make salary payments based on the ABA file uploaded. We explain VBAs in more detail below.

What is a VBA (virtual bank account?)

A VBA (virtual bank account) is a bank account held with ClickSuper that the client will send the disbursement monies to for a given client. ClickSuper owns an entire BSB and allocates a bank account within the BSB for client use for disbursements. A VBA is allocated per employer - it is not shared with other employers.

Clients can view their transactions via a statement available on their account and see their overall balance. An example is below:

In this example the VBA Balance for this organisation is $3026.68. This can be seen on any page within ClickSuper at the top of the page once logged in. Only clients with a VBA linked to their account will see a VBA balance.

Please note: if a VBA has been set up on your account but is not visible, it is likely because no payments have been received as of yet. Once the first payment is received, the VBA balance will appear.

To view the statement, clients can click the VBA balance at the top of the page or click the VBA statement menu option on the left hand side as shown below:

The VBA statement will appear as below:

The date of the transaction, the description of the transaction, whether the transaction is a debit or credit and the overall balance of the VBA will be displayed. Clients can filter and search through the statement for particular transactions or periods if needed.

Before making a payment through ClickSuper, clients should check to make sure there is enough money in their VBA to cover the transactions being paid. It usually takes one business day for payments to clear into the account but it can take longer if transferred late in the day or if the transaction is coming from overseas. If there is not enough money to cover a transaction then debit failure charges are applicable so it is recommended that client's check the VBA balance prior to scheduling payment.

Upload of the ABA/ super file

Clients can upload a super file into ClickSuper by clicking the NEW button in the bottom left hand corner of the page in the black menu bar as shown below:

A menu will load with options that clients can select. Please select the UPLOAD option as below:

A window will appear in the middle of the page which will allow clients to select and upload their super file. Please leave the Document Type on the default setting – Contribution if a super file is being uploaded. If a disbursement file is being uploaded please select Disbursement.  To select the file from your computer, please click the Select Files button as highlighted below and locate the file on your computer.

After selecting your file(s), click on the tick icon to complete the upload process. 

Uploaded files will appear on the UPLOADS menu. Files will list if they are a contribution file, STP file or disbursement file under the TYPE menu as per below:

If a file is uploaded unsuccessfully (with a status of failed), the error report can be viewed on the UPLOAD menu option. For a guide on how to view an error report please see the following:

Superannuation - Error Reporting

Single Touch Payroll- Error Reporting

For Disbursements, there is no error reporting as files should be created within payroll - and hence the only errors possible are formatting related. If an error is received when trying to upload an aba file, please contact us directly for assistance.

If a file is uploaded successfully, the payments generated will appear on the PAYMENTS menu. The easiest way to view payments is via the DASHBOARD where payments will be separated via CONTRIBUTION and DISBURSEMENT as below:

Unscheduled payments mean that there are payments that need scheduling, or authorising. If not scheduled, a payment will not be paid. The date chosen for scheduling is the date that we will pay the disbursement/ super payment so it is imperative that monies have been sent to the VBA ahead of the schedule date.

When there is money in the VBA, it will be reflected at the top of the account- we recommend ensuring there is sufficient monies to cover transactions prior to scheduling:

If there are insufficient funds to cover your transaction we recommend waiting until monies have been sent/ have cleared.

Scheduling a disbursement payment

Scheduling super and disbursement payments follow the same process. Please see below guide outlining how to schedule a payment:

Scheduling Payments

If you have any questions please contact us at support@clicksuper.com.au specifying disbursements and we'd be happy to help.

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