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Before you can process your first ClickSuper superannuation contribution you will need to enter the details of your employees, their superfund account details, contribution type and amount.

 ClickSuper contains an online database of all funds that can accept ClickSuper contributions.

The database is updated regularly and contains all APRA regulation superannuation funds and ATO registered Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF).

If you are uncertain of the details of your employees’ superannuation fund you will need to confirm the details with your employee prior to making a ClickSuper payment. ClickSuper will rely solely on the information you enter.

The five (5) steps are:


Step 1:               Entering your employee details

Step 2:               Selecting your employee’s superannuation fund

Step 3:               Creating, reviewing and editing a contribution payment for all your employees

Step 4:               Scheduling your payments to superannuation funds

Step 5:               Payment status




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