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ClickSuper has been designed to be simple to use. It streamlines process of paying employee superannuation contributions by ensuring that all the information you need is up to date and just a few clicks away.

This guide will walk you through the 5 steps you need to follow to simplify your superannuation contribution payments

Accessing ClickSuper


1)      Point your browser to

2)      Select Login

The ClickSuper Login page will be displayed.

3)      Select ‘SuperStream Enabled ClickSuper’ version.

The ClickSuper Home page will be displayed.

To access the application you need your User ID and Password.


1)      Enter your User ID and Password in the Login section of the ClickSuper Home page. 


Once you have entered your User ID and Password select Submit.

Once logged in, your default landing page for an organisation will be the system Dashboard.


 The 5 steps are:

Step 1:               Entering your employee details

Step 2:               Selecting your employee’s superannuation fund

Step 3:               Creating, reviewing and editing a contribution payment for all your employees

Step 4:               Scheduling your payments to superannuation funds

Step 5:               Payment status 



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