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How to verify your authentication code

You will be asked to verify your authentication code when you set up or reset the authenticator app MFA.

When you are prompted to verify your authentication code:

  1. Open the Google Authenticator app
  2. Enter the 6-digit code provided by the app into ClickSuper and submit

Resolve verification errors

MFA is time based, so it’s important to enter the code promptly and ensure the time settings on your mobile device and computer are synchronized.

You might get an error message saying you entered an invalid code if:

  • You took longer than 30 seconds to enter the code
  • Your mobile device’s time setting isn’t synchronized with the time setting on your computer

Each code is only valid for 30 seconds, so make sure the code entered in ClickSuper is the same as the code showing in your app when you click Next.

If you’ve manually changed the time on your mobile device, change your device settings to use the system-provided time, then try again.

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