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Company Details

ABN,ACN or WPNAustralian Business Number of the contributor (employer) issued by the ATO. The ABN is used to identify a contributor.
Business Name (as registered with ASIC)The business name as registered with ASIC
Company NameThe Company name or trading name
Time ZoneTime zone - displayed on the Dashboard.
Verification Status

For an organisation to be activated - the Company Details needs to be System-verified. For company details to be verified the following must occur: the BSB/Account Number on the Branches tab needs to be verified and the Office Holders details on the Contacts tab need to be verified.

Types Unverified /SystemVerified
Apply SuperStream Validation RulesNot applicable. Field used to facilitate identifying USI compliant funds for SuperStream/
Enable Duplicate Value Upload Warning

The Duplicate Value Upload Warning detects if a upload with the same value is uploaded within a 24 hour period then a reconciliation warning will appear for the user to manually accept or reject the upload.

If the user selects the File Upload Duplication setting then if a file is upload within a 24 hour period with the same dollar amount then instead of the file proceeding to Success, a error dialog should appear advising the user that a duplicate has been detected.



Address Line 1

The first line of the employers postal address.

Address Line 2The second line of the employers postal address.
SuburbThe suburb of the employers postal address.
StateThe state of the employers postal address.
PostcodeThe postcode of the employers postal address.
CountryThe country of the employers postal address.

Message Options

TypeUser Aging (days)From StatusTo StatusRegualtions/ATO(days)Message Send Time
Contribution3ActiveDone3End of Day
Registration2ActiveDone3End of Day
Cont + Reg3ActiveDone3End of Day
Registration Outcome3ActiveDone3Not Applicable
Contribution Error3ActiveDone3Not Applicable

Default Funds

A default fund is the fund you pay your employee's super guarantee contributions into if they don't choose a fund. It must offer a MySuper option and a minimum level of life insurance. Larger companies often have more than one default fund.

When you enter into an employer-default fund relationship the fund may allocate you an account number or contributor id which you should record in ClickSuper.

ClickSuper will automatically notify default fund(s) of any changes to member information (e.g. member address) and for new members will send a registration message with the first contribution.





To be able to Invite Users to your organisation you must have access to the Users tab (2) on your organisation screen (1).

The System Administrator for your organisation will automatically have access to the Users tab.

You have the ability to grant permissions at the Role and Access Permissions.

If you do not have access to the Users tab then please contact and supply your ABN/Organisation and your Username and email address for the Support staff to grant you access.

Create a New User

On the Manage Organisation select the Users tab (1)

The users tab will display all users already granted access to your organisation.

To create a new user select Create New User button.

This will bring up the User Details dialog.

Enter the users First Name, Last Name and Email Address (1) then select the arrow button (2) to go to the next step.

On the Access Permission screen select the Role (1) and Access Permission (2) from the drop down menus for the new user. Then click on the tick icon(3) to set up the new user.

Role Permissions

Role Permissions relate to which function/menu item you want your user to have access to:

AdminAccess to all role functions except for 'Manager - Users'
Contribution DownloadAccess to download contribution data (Super Funds Only)
Contribution ManagerAccess to Contributions menu 
Contribution PaymentsAccess to Payments menu
Contribution UploaderAccess to Uploads menu
Manage - AddressAccess to Organisations > Address menu
Manage - BranchesAccess to Organisations > Branches menu
Manage - Company DetailsAccess to Organisations > Company Details menu
Manage - ContactsAccess to Organisations > Contacts menu
Manager - Default FundsAccess to Organisations > Default Funds menu
Manage - Payment OptionsAccess to Organisations > Payment Options menu
PayeesAccess to My Payee menu
SearchAccess to Search menu
Access Permissions 

Access Permissions relate for each role you can grant the user either Read Only access or Read/Write Access.

If you grant a user Read Only access then the user can only view the data. 


The user will appear on the grid and a User Activation email will be sent to the user to activate their account.

Select the user and select Edit.

The User Details tab will advise if the user has confirmed registration and allows you the ability to resend the User Activation email.

Select the Permission tab (1) to add or delete  Permission roles for the user. Click Update (4) to save the changes.

Email Search



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