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Contribution Transaction Error Response (CTER) message is an error message sent by a superannuation fund in response to a contribution (both payment and/or/ data) they have received.

A CTER is displayed by ClickSuper within the Contributions Manager, and you are able to access any new messages received directly via the Dashboard page. Following are instructions on how to access and view CTER messages:

Accessing CTERs

When CTERs are received by ClickSuper, ClickSuper send an automated notification to the organisations nominated email address with notification that a contribution response has been received. The email contains a hyperlink to the organisations Dashboard (1) within ClickSuper. This is intended to prompt users to view the contribution table located on the right hand side of the screen, and click on the cell for NEW Contribution Errors (2)

Video Guide: 


Clicking on the hyperlink on the Dashboard will then load the Contribution Manager with filters pre populated so that only new (previously unseen) Contribution Errors (contribution response messages) are displayed.

Once the Contribution Manager has loaded with all new Contribution Errors, select one error at a time by clicking anywhere on the row (1), the row should be highlighted blue, then click on Details, located on the bottom Action menu in black (2).

Clicking on the Details button for a Contribution Error in the Contribution Manager will load the contribution response message that the superannuation fund has sent back (note that for Self Managed Super funds, it's their Electronic Service Address provider who supplies the response message).

If you have multiple Contribution Errors to check, rather than go back to the Dashboard to follow the link each time, from the above page you can simply click on the 'Back' button in your browser to go back to the list of Contribution Errors in the Contribution Manager.

Understanding CTERs

Contribution Transaction Error Responses (CTERs) are generated and provided by the receiving fund. They are sent to ClickSuper in response to a contribution made via your organisation and are available to view via the application.

CTERs are provided in a standardised format, so all superannuation funds will use the same Error Codes, all Error Codes will have the same Short Description. You can view a list of Standard Error Messages below.

Where CTERs will differ is in the Detailed Description field. Using the example in the image below, the superannuation fund has send and Error Code: SUPER.GEN.GEN.22 (standardised) with a Short Description: No Longer a member of Superannuation entity (standardised) and a Detailed Description: Member no longer holds an active investing account (message content and detail will vary from superfund to superfund).

Some funds may provide more details than others, for example, they may advise that the contribution has been returned. It is important to understand that ClickSuper are not the author of the message and cannot provide any further detail. If further detail is required, you will need to contact the fund directly.

Definition of Standard Error Messages

The below table lists all error codes and their short decription:

Error CodeSeverityShort Description
SUPER.GEN.GEN.1Error TFN quoted indicator does not match Entity ID scheme.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.2Error Unique Superannuation Identifier {usi} not known to Superannuation entity ABN {abn}.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.3Error Employer supplied Member ID used in Entity ID is not unique.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.4Error Mandatory data element not supplied.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.5Error Data element contained an unexpected value.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.6Error Missing context declaration.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.7ErrorError Conditional data element rule failure.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.8Error Tuple has too many occurrences for a context declaration.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.9WarningTFN failed the TFN algorithm check.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.10Error Too many instances of a context declaration.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.11Error ABN {abn} not known to the Message Receiver. 
SUPER.GEN.GEN.12Error Payment Reference Number cannot be reconciled to a payment.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.13Error Unknown Biller Code.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.14Error Unknown Customer Reference Number.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.15Error Bank State Branch {bsb} is invalid or not known.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.16Error Account Number {acntno} is invalid or not known.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.17Error Account Name {acntname} is invalid or not known.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.20Error Unknown property within PartProperties.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.21Error Member not found with supplied information.
SUPER.GEN.GEN.22Error No Longer a member of Superannuation entity. 
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.1Error SuperannuationRollover.Requested.Amount MUST be provided if SuperannuationRollover.TransferWholeBalance.Indicator is "false".
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.2InformationRollover Process successful. 
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.3ErrorABN defined within the Member Rollover Transaction context was not defined within the Rollover Payment context. 
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.4ErrorProduct ID defined within the Member Rollover Transaction context was not defined within the Rollover Payment context.
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.5ErrorRollover Process unsuccessful. 
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.6ErrorRollover could not be processed due to rules within Superannuation entity. Contact Superannuation entity for details.
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.7ErrorRollover could not be processed due to a pending claim. 
SUPER.GEN.RLVR.9ErrorThe account for the provided member identifier has been closed. 
SUPER.GEN.CNTRBTN.1InformationMember registration request message was successfully processed. 
SUPER.GEN.CNTRBTN.4Error Contributions cannot be accepted from this Contribution Provider.
SUPER.GEN.CNTRBTN.5Error Member TFN required for this Contribution. 
SUPER.GEN.CNTRBTN.6Error Payment is less than what has been specified with Contribution Transaction Request Message. 
SUPER.GEN.CNTRBTN.7InformationPayment is more than what has been specified with Contribution Transaction Request Message. 
SUPER.GEN.CNTRBTN.8Error Eligibility issue preventing the contribution being processed. Contact Superannuation entity for details.



Did you know?

  • It's easiest to access Contribution Errors from the Dashboard screen
  • A Contribution Error does not necessarily mean that the contribution has been returned


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Important Note

ClickSuper cannot provide further information on CTERs - please contact the receiving superannuation fund directly for more details.

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