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Organisation Manager

The Organisation Manager shows a listing of all organisations that a client's login has access to. Clients will not see this page if they only have access to one organisation - the login will go straight to the account for that organisation.

An example of a organisation list is below. It contains the verified status of an organisation, the ABN and Name of an organisation, the Branch/ Pay Centre Code (if there is one, otherwise blank) and the date that the organisation was registered with ClickSuper.

On the Organisation Manager an organisation which is verified is indicated by a green tick in the VERIFIED column on the right hand side.

Any organisation that does not have a green tick indicates the organisation has not been verified and cannot make superannuation payments. Please contact the Support Team for help with your account if this applies.

 Selecting an Organisation

Selecting an organisation is easy. Simply click on the organisation that you wish to access and the account will load for you.  The default page is the DASHBOARD for a given account. For more information on navigating the DASHBOARD please see the following link: Dashboard

Once loaded, the name of the organisation will appear in the top right hand corner of the page in the black menu bar so clients know which organisation they are accessing.

Filtering and Sorting

  • You can filter and sort each column


  • The organisations displayed on the organisation manager is dependent on the users security level access

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