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How to register for an electronic service address (ESA)

ClickSuper is a superannuation clearing house and gateway that is listed with the ATO whom can provide an electronic service address (ESA) facility. Our ESA facility is open to all SMSF Trustees and is free of charge.

ClickSuper registration is online – there are no paper forms to complete – to ensure that SMSF Trustees can be up and running promptly.

Prior to registering please read our frequently asked questions regarding the ESA  which are available here. 

The ESA for ClickSuper is the word CLICKSUPER - it is not a number.

Applying for ClickSuper

To register, click on the green APPLY NOW button in the top right hand corner of our website

Clients need to select the appropriate service to apply for. Please choose the option for Electronic Service Address (ESA) on the far right hand side as shown below.

The following page will be displayed:

Please read through the information provided so that you have a thorough understanding of what an ESA is and what can be expected from the facility.

The Application Form is shown below. It has been completed with example information so that SMSF Trustees can understand what is required.

The ABN that is needed is the ABN for your SMSF - not the employer SMSF. It is important to accurately enter the correct ABN as if the ABN is different from the ABN registered with your employer it will not link correctly and ClickSuper will not receive remittances for your SMSF.

The SMSF Name is simply the name of your SMSF - we do not validate or check the name so slight differences or a small typo will not affect ClickSuper receiving your remittances.

The first name, last name and email address are asked for so ClickSuper can email to the remittance to the appropriate place as well as address the email appropriately.

Please ensure to read the terms and conditions, click the tickbox acknowledging that the terms and conditions have been read and enter the captcha code on your screen (it will be different to the example above).  Once done, please click the Submit button to submit the application.

The ESA will be ready to go straight away. ClickSuper will send a SuperStream Electronic Service Address Notice to the email address specified confirming successful registration and the ESA - this can be provided to your employer. An example of this email is below:

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