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Getting Started – How to register for ClickSuper to pay superannuation

ClickSuper is a superannuation clearing house designed to integrate with leading payroll systems across Australia to make it easy for employers to pay their employee superannuation entitlements and submit STP reporting to the ATO.

ClickSuper registration is online – there are no paper forms to complete – to ensure that employers can be up and running promptly.  The registration process has been split into 3 sections. All sections must be completed before payment of superannuation is possible.

Step 1 – Applying for ClickSuper

To register, click on the green APPLY NOW button in the top right hand corner of our website

Clients need to select the appropriate service to apply for. This guide focuses on superannuation and STP combined however clients have the option to apply for an Electronic Service Address (for SMSFs only) or Single Touch Payroll only if preferred. If you only want to register for superannuation and not STP the combined superannuation and STP registration is fine - if STP is not used it will not accrue any fees so the combined registration can still be used.

The first part of the ClickSuper registration will now be displayed. This section requires preliminary information about your organisation.

The first piece of required information is your organisation’s ABN, ACN or WPN. Once entered as shown below, please click the Validate button – this simply validates the ABN provided with the ATO.  If you experience any difficulty registering a WPN please contact us directly for assistance - we can help bypass this issue. Next please click the arrow for the dropdown menu for Company Name and choose the appropriate name of your organisation displayed. ABNs can have several business names under their entity name so please choose the name which you want your organisation known as.

A branch name is only needed if more than one bank account will be used to make payments. If only one bank account will be used, please leave the branch name blank.

The next part of the registration process refers to the system administrator.

A System Administrator is the main contact for the account in which if needed, will be the first point of contact and receive notifications relating to your organisation. We recommend using a group email address if possible.

Lastly, you will be required to enter in a code provided by your payroll software provider. This code identifies which configuration your account needs depending on how your superannuation will be uploaded to ClickSuper.

If you do not have this code, please reach out to ClickSuper at confirming the payroll software which you use to upload your superannuation.

Step 2 – Providing further registration information

The second part of the registration process requires further information so we can set up an account for your organization.

An email will be sent to the email address specified in Step 1 – system administrator details. This email contains a link that needs to be clicked to provide further information about your organization and to nominate a company Officeholder to authorize the details provided.

A copy of the email sent is below:

Please click on the link ‘Here’ within the email to proceed to the next step of the registration.

The company ABN, ACN and WPN will be displayed as well as the name of the organization at the top of the application form – this will be generated from the information provided and validated in part one of the registration. The address will also be provided based on the information recorded with the ATO however it can be updated if necessary.

The next step is providing default contact details. Ideally these will be the same as provided in your upload file, however this will be important for our Retail clients who do not upload a file.  The information provided should be the appropriate staff members who superfunds can speak with if they have any questions regarding employee superannuation.

The next piece of information required are banking details. The bank account provided should be the appropriate bank account to have superannuation debited from. Authority to debit from this bank will be provided by the designated Officeholder in step 3 of the registration process.

The next step requires providing Officeholder information. An Officeholder is a director or an individual in your company that is a signatory of the bank account ClickSuper will debit superannuation from on behalf of your organisation. If an Officeholder verifies the details provided in the registration process this authorises ClickSuper to debit superannuation from the bank account listed.

Clients can specify at least one Officeholder with a maximum of two. If only one Officeholder is needed please tick the I don’t have a second officeholder tickbox.

An email will be sent to the Officeholder/s provided in step 3 of the registration process so please choose an appropriate Officeholder who is also available to complete the next part of the process.

The next piece of information required are system administrator details. In step 1 of the registration process an email was provided; this elaborates on this further and asks for name and contact information. The username provided is listed as the email address/username – this will be your username for ClickSuper. The password specified will be the password used to log in to ClickSuper along with username.

Please use a password that is a minimum of 8 characters long, as well as containing a capital letter, a number and a symbol.

The next step requests an email for notifications to be sent to such as failed/ successful upload or debit/ credit failures. Ideally this is a group account so more than one member of staff can note and action it if appropriate.

The ClickSuper Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement and the ClickSuper Privacy Policy are available now by clicking the here link as shown in the below screenshot. We recommend that clients read both documents so they have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the service.  Once completed, please click the Submit Query button to complete the second part of the registration process.

Step 3 – Verifying the account

The third and final step involves having the information provided to ClickSuper verified by the listed Officeholders provided in step 2 of the registration. An email will be sent to both Officeholders (if two have been specified, otherwise just the one Officeholder) to have the information provided verified. This involves them seeing a copy of the information provided as well as providing Photo ID to signify the information provided is correct. This is for compliance with all relevant Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing legislative requirements so we can check that you have the required authority to act on behalf of your business.

An email will be sent to the Officeholder/s provided to ClickSuper; a copy of this email is below. The Officeholder will need to click the link verify the registration information to begin the verification process.

Once the verification link has been clicked, the following page will appear:

This information is a summary of details provided. Nothing needs to happen here - this is just so the Officeholder can review the details provided to ensure accuracy.

Below this begins the verification details where we require details of the Officeholder - your details - to verify. Details are used to authenticate the information provided through various government databases such as the Electoral Role and Medicare. All fields with a red asterisk need to be completed.

The final section involves ticking the box to acknowledge and confirm that the you have received a copy of the Financial Services Guides and Product Disclosure Statement. This can be downloaded by clicking the link here - in the line 'The combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement is here'. We strongly recommend that it be viewed so all clients are aware of the terms and conditions for using the ClickSuper service. If you have any questions please contact us and we are happy to help.

If there is a problem with verifying the details provided, we will ask that a copy of Photo ID is uploaded so we can manually verify the Officeholder's identity. A copy of the Photo ID is sent to our Registrations team for manual verification and will get back to you within 24 business hours if there is a problem. If not, clients will receive an email confirming activation of the account - at this point the account is good to go and can begin to remit superannuation.


  • Are you registering multiple organisations? Did you know that if you use the same email address for the System Administrator in each application, you will have a single login that gives you access to all of your organisations.

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