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Downloading reports in ClickSuper

Clients are able to download reports from the ClickSuper portal within excel spreadsheets. Reports can be tailored depending on what clients are after - the most common scenarios are listed below. We are planning to implement a PDF option at a later date after listening to feedback from our clients. If there is something you would like to see or improve please email us at - we would love to hear from you.

Downloading a report with all contributions made in Superstream

A full video guide can be found below if preferred.

To download a report of all contributions paid in Superstream, please log in to your account. The default page that is loaded when logged in is the DASHBOARD.

1. Visit the contribution menu. On the Dashboard, simply click the CONTRIBUTIONS menu option on the left hand side of the page as below.

2. On the Contributions Manager please select the "type" filter and select Contribution from the drop down menu.

Once the Contribution option has been selected, please click the Filter button as shown below.

3. Click the Transaction tab and click the STATUS filter and select ACTIVE from the drop down menu that appears. Once done, please click the Filter button.

This will show all contributions paid by your organisation. There will likely be many pages of transactions which can be difficult to sort so we do recommend exporting the data to a spreadsheet for easier viewing.

4. After your results load, press the export button on the bottom of the page

5. You will receive an Excel download containing the data, from there you can filter the columns using Excel to get specific data

In the event that you follow this guide and receive no results appear, this could indicate you may have a previous filter set in the contribution menu. To clear your filters please logout and log back in again and perform the above steps.

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