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Retail Migration Steps Required

Your login credentials have been migrated to ClickStream the SuperStream enabled version of ClickSuper and you will no longer be able to login to the old version of ClickSuper.

Do I have different login?

Your current login credentials have been migrated to ClickStream

What do I need to do first?

 You will need to validate all your employees for SuperStream. 
We will not be able to process your contributions without all of the following employee and fund information being validated.

How do I know if my Employees Details and/or Deductions are Fully SuperStream compliant?

When your organisational and employee data was migrated, ClickSuper validated your current employee details to ensure all mandatory SuperStream fields are present.
ClickSuper will highlight on the each employee screen any details or funds that are not fully SuperStream compliant.

What has been migrated?

When you first log in to ClickSuper the following information has been migrated for your organisation:

Organisation Details – this includes all contact details, bank account details which ClickSuper will debit superannuation from and your username/ password. Currently this information can be viewed by clicking on the name of your organisation at the top of the page once logged in.

Previously this was accessed by clicking on the Manage menu option as per below:

My Payees – this was previously called Deductions in the previous ClickSuper site and is simply the list of superfunds which have been saved on your account that your employees are members of. All Deductions that are SuperStream compliant have been migrated across and will be listed. Any superfunds from the previous ClickSuper website which were not Superstream-compliant have not been migrated across and this data will need to be updated before making next payment. This is discussed later in the guide.

In the previous site, the Deductions menu option looked as below:

Both SMSFs and APRA-regulated superfunds can be saved as Payees.
Previously in order to search for a superfund clients pressed the Deduction menu option and then selected the Add Deduction button in the bottom right hand corner of the site. This displayed the following Search page:

This has now been replaced with the Search page in ClickSuper.

When saving a SMSF for an employee, previously an email address was requested so that ClickSuper could forward a remittance advice when making payment. In the previous site this was recorded as below:

Under Superstream legislation all SMSFs are required to provide their employers with an Electronic Service Address (ESA) which ensures that their remittance data is sent to them electronically via Superstream. Instead of being asked to enter an email address a prompt requesting an ESA will be displayed accordingly.


Payments – your last financial year of payments. ClickSuper is in the process of migrating all of your payment data across and will be available over the coming weeks for viewing. Should you require any data urgently outside of the last financial year please contact us for help.

When sorting payments on the Payments page originally, the following filter was provided:

Clients were able to filter payments based on various payment statuses which indicated what part of the process a contribution was up to –for example whether a payment has been paid or if it has just been debited. Several changes to the payment statuses have occurred in the migration to Superstream. These changes include the removal of the status Accessed which originally recorded when a superfund accessed a remittance (the final status is now Paid) and the inclusion of two new statuses: Returned and Unverified.
A list of the current payment statuses within ClickSuper are as follows:

Employees – all your employees current and past and their respective data. In the previous site as per below:

When creating an employee, all fields which are required by Superstream are highlighted with an asterisk. More information is required for an employees than were previously requested and you will be prompted in complete any missing data requirements.

  1. Schedules – this was previously called Contributions in the previous ClickSuper site and was displayed as per below:

Schedules work in the same manner as Contributions did in the previous site in that they are used to create a contribution schedule or remittance advice which is sent to the superfund to accompany your superannuation payment.

Whilst there have been changes to some of the terminology which is used on the ClickStream site, the process of creating an employee, adding a superfund for that employee and then creating a Schedule (previously a Contribution) follows the same procedure as previously.

How do I validate my Employees and their Deductions?


  1. Log into ClickSuper
  2. Select the Employees menu item

Figure 4 - Validating Employees

  1. Select the NEW icon

Figure 5 - New - Schedule.

 2. When the NEW dialog appears click on the SCHEDULE icon

The Superstream Compliant dialog will appear. All current employees must be validated, prior to a contribution schedule being created. By validating the current employees this will allow you to review all employees ready for contribution processing via the migration.

This dialog will appear until all current employees have been validated for processing.

Figure 6 Superstream compliance dialog

 3. Select the Click here on the dialog to view all current employees

The employee's grid will display all current employees for your organisation. All the current employees in the schedule must be reviewed after the migration to this version of ClickSuper. Once you have saved and validated this employee will not appear in employees' superstream compliance schedule.

Figure 7 - Employees that require SuperStream Compliant Validation

  1. Click on the Given Name or Family Name to correct the employees details and/or deductions.

Figure 8 - Employee Details

4. Select Details tab and select SAVE icon and all required fields that must be entered will be highlighted.


  • Fields with asterisks * are mandatory fields
  • Business rule fields will be identified. For SuperStream ONE phone number is required for an employee. So either Home, Work or Mobile Number must be entered

    5.Select the DEDUCTIONS tab

In order for a current employee to be included in a Contribution Schedule for processing – they must have deductions set up.

Any Deductions which are highlight in RED, this will indicate that they are linked to a product that is not SuperStream compliant. Any employees with no Deductions will appear.

In both scenarios YOU MUST link the employee to a valid deduction.

Please note: A minimum of one Deduction needs to be entered in order to pay superannuation for this employee.

Figure 9 - Employee Deduction with Products that is not SuperStream compliant.

Figure 10 - Employee Deductions with no Deduction applied

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