This page lists the most common errors that clients receive when trying to upload their STP reports to ClickSuper. We have also provided suggestions on how to resolve the error so that your STP can be uploaded successfully.

For common errors related to superannuation please see our guide: Super - Common Errors

If you have received an error not listed here or need further help please reach out to ClickSuper Support at or click here to speak with a support representative in chat.  Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:30pm (AEST), excluding public holidays.

Error 1: This upload has a status of "Failed" because the ATO has exceeded the Service Level Agreement (SLA) time.

The ATO has a SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 72 hours. If a submission to the ATO exceeds the 72 hour timeframe without the ATO responding, the following error will appear.

We advise clients to upload the STP file again - hopefully the ATO will respond within a quicker timeframe the second time around. 

Error 2: You are not authorised to lodge on behalf of this client. - You are not authorised to submit this lodgement on behalf of the client. Link this client to your australian business number to create a business appointment or see your AUSkey Administrator. If the business appointment exists, your AUSkey may not have access to this client.

This error relates to an intermediary (registered agent) that is listed within a STP file, submitting STP on behalf of a client. This relates to RASSP – Registered Agent Sending Service Provider  and RAMSSP – Registered agent (Multi ABN) Sending Service Provider configurations. Please see our Configuration guide for more details on the different configurations: Single Touch Payroll - Configuration.

If you are an employer and are submitting your own organisation's STP, there is a problem with your configuration set up in payroll so your payroll provider will be able to help fix this with you. Once updated, simply re-submit the STP report. If a registered agent is submitting STP on behalf of your organisation this is fine - the registered agent will need to set up the link with the ATO before re-submitting the STP report. If the link already exists, the agent AUSkey being used may not have access to this client.

In this case, the agent should double check to ensure the correct ABNs have been connected and that the business isn't restricted in Access Manager. If the connection is still correct, we advise removing and re-adding the organisation and then attempting to submit the STP report again.

Error 3: Technical error : Line: 1 Column: 0. Delimiter ',' not found after field 'LINEID_ID' (the record has less fields, the delimiter is wrong or the next field must be marked as optional).

This error usually occurs if a client chooses Contribution instead of Pay Event or Pay Update file type when uploading their STP report.

Please re-upload the STP report again, ensuring to click the correct file type. For a guide on uploading a STP report please see the following: Uploading a STP file.

Error 4: The ATO may be currently experiencing technical issues or your software is not registered with SBR. - ATO services could be experiencing technical issues at the current time, therefore try again later. Alternatively your software may not have been self-certified and is not registered for this action or service. In this situation please contact your software provider.

This is a bit of a confusing error, but it basically means one of two things:

  • The ATO services are currently down or
  • The STP details listed in ClickSuper are incorrect for your organisation.

If the ATO services are down there isn't much that can be done other than wait until the services are back online. ClickSuper will put up a message on our login page if the ATO goes down, encouraging clients to wait until it is back online before attempting further upload. However, it is more likely that the STP details listed in ClickSuper are incorrect for your organisation - particularly if it is your first upload with a new payroll provider.

We recommend looking at the guide on checking your STP details in ClickSuper: ClickSuper Configuration

If you are unsure whether the listed STP details in ClickSuper are correct please follow up with your payroll software provider for clarification.

Error 5: The Payer Period Totals tuple must not be provided

This error typically occurs when a Pay Event has been exported from your payroll software, but not a Pay Event file type has not been selected in ClickSuper - instead a Pay Update was selected.

To resolve this issue, clients should re-submit the STP report as a Pay Event instead of a Pay Update - or submit as a Pay Update if Pay Event was previously selected in ClickSuper. 

Error 6: The Period End Date must be the same as the Period Start Date - 

This error typically occurs when a Pay Event has been uploaded as a Pay Update.

A Pay Update requires that the Period End Date and the Period State Date are the same - they cannot differ. A Pay Event can have different period dates - but an Update requires the same dates. Simply re-upload the file as a Pay Event to resolve this issue.

Error 7: A field contains invalid data (such as letters in numeric or date field). - The value specified for an item does not match the item type (value = "DATA FROM FILE", item type = String, uniqueID = Hint: The Pattern constraint failed.

This error will occur if a telephone number in the file does not meet the ATO requirements regarding telephone number.

This usually means that there is an invalid character within the telephone number causing this error. Only numbers can be listed in a telephone number field, so if there are any spaces or any other character that is not a number present, an error will occur. To resolve this error, please ensure to only include numbers for any telephone numbers and re-submit the STP report.

Error 8: A record with the same submission ID already exists - We were unable to process your submission because we already have a submission with this submission ID

This error will occur if the ATO has already received a STP report with this submission ID. This will occur due to two main reasons:

  1. Client is trying to fix an error.
  2. If a submission has occurred for a particular ABN - and then another submission has occurred for the same ABN. This will usually occur by accident, or if an employer has multiple divisions or entities under the one ABN - for example a Sydney branch and a Melbourne branch of a business.

If clients are trying to fix an error: if the upload is intended as a full file replacement then clients need to ensure the full file replacement indicator has been selected and re-submit. Clients should note if the re-submission should be a Pay Event or an Update. 

If clients have multiple paying entities, clients are best to discuss with your payroll provider on how to merge all employee into one submission - so only one upload is required for all employees under one particular ABN.

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