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ClickSuper has an extensive database that is updated  from the Australian Taxation Office that lists all the Superannuation Fund ABNs in Australia, including SMSFs (self-managed superannuation funds).

Use this facility to search all available superannuation products and payroll deductions.

Only SuperStream funds and products will be available.

Contributions to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds(SMSF's) require an Electronic Service Address (ESA). Important note the Search does not display target Electronic Service Address (ESA

To ensure that all superannuation payments made through ClickSuper are forwarded to the intended superannuation fund, ClickSuper requires that all fund data uploaded is valid.

The best way to validate your superannuation fund data is to use the ClickSuper Search Facility located on the ClickSuper website.

Using the Search Facility is easy.

It is within this search grid that you can validate your superannuation fund data.

Simply filter on the Type, Name, ABN, Product Code or Product Name of the  fund that you wish to search.

Results containing your search query will be displayed.

Please note there are over 400,000 SMSF so if you select INCLUDE SMSF checkbox this will considerably slow down the search query.

An example is shown below for filtering on Product Name "AMP". The Product Name Contains AMP was entered as the filter criteria:

In order for your superannuation fund data to be accurate the ABN and Product Code/USI shown below needs to be also be present in your payroll software.

If you try and upload a file with a different ABN or Product Code/USI for any fund that does not match what is in the ClickSuper database, the file will fail upload.

If your search criteria produce no results, please confirm your data with the appropriate employee or superannuation fund.



  • Can't find the product you're searching for? Make sure that you're using a USI, as SPINs cannot be used in SuperStream payments


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