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ClickSuper offers a free electronic service address (ESA) facility for self managed superfunds (SMSFs) to ensure their Superstream compliance. Frequently asked questions regarding the service and listed below and on our marketing website. If your question is not listed here please email us at and we will be happy to help.

Frequently asked questions regarding our ESA service

For our list of frequently asked questions please see the following link:

What is the ClickSuper ESA?

The ClickSuper ESA is the word CLICKSUPER - all in capital letters, no spaces.

What is an electronic service address (ESA)?

Self Managed Superannuation funds can use ClickSuper's free ESA  (electronic service address) facility to ensure they are Superstream compliant.

An electronic service address is an alias used by your SMSF that represents the provider that superannuation remittance data should be sent to. ClickSuper is a provider of ESA services.

When employers make contributions to Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s), the SuperStream data and payment standards require that a remittance advice also be sent. The remittance advice must be sent via an electronic message.

ClickSuper offers a free service to receive the electronic message and notify the SMSF via email. The email contains a link to allow the message to be downloaded in a Microsoft Excel compatible (CSV) format.

An ESA is only related to the remittance advice part of the process - not the payment part of the process - so as an ESA provider we will not handle your superannuation payments unless your employer uses ClickSuper as their superannuation provider to process employee superannuation.

As a SMSF, what do I need to provide to my employer?

Please provide your employer with the ABN for your SMSF, the bank account to receive contribution payments into and the ESA that you have registered. ClickSuper's ESA is the word CLICKSUPER -all in capital letters, no spaces.

How can I get an electronic service address (ESA)?

To register for our free ESA facility please see the following guide to walk you through the process: Registering - SMSF Electronic Service Address

Alternatively, a direct link to register is here:

How do I log in to ClickSuper as a SMSF?

There is no login for SMSFs - they need to download remittances from the remittance emails received.

How do I download a remittance advice from the remittance email I have received?

If you have received a payment from ClickSuper and have lost the original remittance that was sent for this payment, you can download another copy of the remittance using the reference number on your bank statement.

Please see below the instructions to download the remittance for any ClickSuper payments made to you:

1. All ClickSuper deposits contain a payment reference formatted like: P_VU_CC_9900******
2. The obtain the download link, convert the first underscore (_) into a period (.) and convert the latter two underscores into forward slashes
3. You will now have the URL/Download link for the remittance. The URL format will always need to match the below example:******

Copy the new URL and paste it into a NEW chrome browser tab, then hit enter to visit the web page.

The web page will ask you for the payment amount, date and bank information (all of this info available in your bank statement for this deposit). When you have entered the correct information into the requested fields, click the DOWNLOAD CSV button to download your proof of payment/remittance.

If the reference for your transaction does not begin with p_vu_cc_ or is not from ClickSuper, this process will not work. You can email ClickSuper at and if we have received this remittance in the past we can provide it again to you, however if we have not SMSFs will need to get in touch directly with the provider referenced on their bank statement that processed the transaction for assistance.

How do I change the email address remittances are sent to?

Please email confirming the ABN of your SMSF and the new email address. Please email the request from the email address currently on file so we can promptly make the update. If the email address on file is no longer open please let us know in the email so we can advise next step instructions.

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