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HTTP Responses

Standard HTTP returned are:

HTTP CodeSummaryDescription
400Bad RequestIncorrectly formed request, or there are errors in data validation
401UnauthorisedYou are not allowed access to the requested url
403ForbiddenYou are not allowed access to the requested url
404Not FoundThe url requested does not exist
405Method Not AllowedThe GET or POST requested is not allowed, check the allowed methods
500Internal ErrorAn unexpected error has occurred, please contact ClickSuper
503Not AvailableAPI not available, normally because of an scheduled outage


Standard Business Responses

When a HTTP call has been successful, all responses will have the following structure:

StatusAvailable values: Status, ErrorstringN
ErrorsArray of Error objects if Status=ErrorarrayY

Other child elements may be present depending on the method called

NumberError identifierstringN
DescriptionHuman readable description of the errorstring


FieldName of field in errorstringY
ValueValue passed by the clientstringY
BelongsToA list of name/value pairs to assist in locating the source of the errorarrayY



Success JSON Response
Error JSON Response
"Errors": {
	"Error": { "Number":"RE-IV-12345", "Description":"ABN must be provided", 
			   "Field":"Payer ABN", "Value":"",
               "BelongsTo": { "Registration":"ABN" }





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