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This page lists the most common errors that clients receive when trying to upload their superannuation to ClickSuper. We have also provided suggestions on how to resolve the error so that your superannuation can be uploaded successfully.

For common errors related to STP please see our guide: STP - Common Errors

If you have received an error not listed here or need further help please reach out to ClickSuper Support at or click here to speak with a support representative in chat.  Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:30pm (AEST), excluding public holidays.

Error 1: The fund ABN and USI must match a valid SuperStream product, a complete list of compliant fund ABN and USI's can be found on the ClickSuper Search page

This error has Error Number: EC-IV-22107 in ClickSuper. Clients often encounter the following error when trying to pay to an invalid ABN and USI combination within their super file. An example is shown below:

This error means that either the ABN, USI (or both) are incorrect. This doesn't mean the superfund doesn't exist - it simply means the details listed in the file for this superfund are incorrect and clients need to figure out the correct details.

To do this, clients should use the Search facility to check their data. A guide to using the Search facility is located here: Search however we have gone through the above example below.

To use the Search facility, please click the Search menu option on the left hand side of the page and then enter the USI of the superfund from the error into the search field and click the Search button. The USI is called the TargetProductID in the error report. If you are searching for a SMSF, please search the ABN of the SMSF, not the USI and tick the 'include SMSF tickbox before searching.

The below example has appeared. This shows that the USI is valid which is great, but the ABN listed in the search does not match the ABN in the error report. This means that the ABN is incorrect and is causing the error to occur in this particular scenario. Clients will need to update the ABN within payroll to match the ABN listed in ClickSuper (in this example, replace the incorrect ABN of 5378998097 from the error report and enter in the correct ABN of 61808189263 shown below) and re-upload their super file.

If there is no match for your USI when searching it is likely that the USI has closed or it has changed. It may be worthwhile to search via the ABN and see the search results - you may find what you are looking for. If not, please reach out to ClickSuper Support to confirm - in some cases we are able to tell you the correct details, but if we aren't sure we will suggest that you confirm with the superfund.

Error 2: The Target Product Id is for a restricted fund which means the fund only accepts contributions from a restricted number of employers. To configure ClickSuper to accept a contribution to this superfund please email a copy of your ABN and compliance letter from the superfund to

This error has Error Number: EC-IV-22108 in ClickSuper. Clients encounter this error when trying to pay super to a superfund which has restrictions. Some superfunds restrict who can make payment to them, and who they will accept as members. Because of this restriction, ClickSuper is not able to open up these kinds of superfunds to everyone to pay to.

An example of this error is below. If you receive this error, please send us through an email confirming the ABN of your organisation and a copy of a compliance letter from the superfund and we will grant special permission in the system to allow your organisation to make payment to the superfund in question.

Error 3: You cannot pay Super via Non-SuperStream, please select a SuperStream enabled fund

This error has Error Number: EC-IV-36207 in ClickSuper. Clients encounter this error when trying to pay to a superfund that is not Superstream compliant. Before Superstream was implemented there was a different method for identifying superfunds compared to USIs which we now have. Pre-Superstream they will called SPINs. In the below example, a SPIN has been used (MLC0430AU) which is no longer valid - it expired in 2015.

It is worthwhile to try and search for the correct details in the Search facility within ClickSuper (a guide to using the Search facility is located here: Search ) however if you cannot figure out the correct details it is best to confirm with the superfund.

Error 4: Target Fund ABN cannot receive superannuation payments (for more information see )

This error has Error Number: EC-IV-22009 in ClickSuper. Clients encounter this error when trying to pay to a SMSF that has had it's regulation details removed by the ATO and so cannot accept contributions until regulation details are re-instated. Regulation details are usually removed due to failure to lodge returns however only the ATO can specifically confirm.

If you enter the ABN for the SMSF in the following, it will show as regulation details removed:

This means that the SMSF likely have not submitted their returns to the ATO and as such, the ATO have removed their regulation status. The removal of this status means we cannot make payment to this SMSF as they are not a regulated fund at this point in time. There is nothing that ClickSuper or the employer can do to push a payment through at this point - the SMSF needs to liaise with the ATO to get this fixed. We recommend that the SMSF is removed from the file so that other payments can be paid whilst the SMSF follows this up.

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