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When the ATO introduced SuperStream they also released the Schematron, a validation process to ensure all messages enter the network formatted correctly. The Schematron is included in the SuperStream compliant (v4) release of the ClickSuper service.

Mandatory information must be entered for employers, member and funds.

First level of validation for the process is to identify which mandatory fields do not have values available and must be entered.

Second level of validation is that the values adhere to maximum field length requirements.

Third level of validation is identifying that only valid characters are entered.

For each  field there is  unique error number, depending on your file type (XML or SAFF) we identify the Area in the File and the Field Name which this field relates to. The Contains or Starts With value displays the value that has been populated in the file which has caused the area. 

The Message field will display the the maximum length requirement for that field name

The Find by Searching For section will provide all available information for you to locate the details in your file.

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