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The User Profile is a simple way for clients to manage their username security and to log out of their account in ClickSuper. When clients wish to leave the ClickSuper website, clients should log out from this menu and not just close the web browser page for security purposes.

Managing my User Profile

The User Profile is located by clicking the name of your user name in the top right hand corner once logged in to ClickSuper.

Samantha Brown is not the username in the example above - it is the name given to the username. This means that the name provided when the user name was set up will be the name shown here. 

SAM GEORGE is the name of the organisation.

When clicked, the following dropdown box will appear - it shows two options: Log Out and Manage Profile.

Logging out of ClickSuper

To log out, clients simply need to click on their name in the top right hand corner of the ClickSuper website and then on the dropdown menu, select the Log Out option on the User Profile menu  option  - this will log clients out of their ClickSuper account safely and securely.

Manage Profile

The Manage Profile menu option allows clients to add a security question onto their account for added protection of their login credentials and to review the login attempts that have occurred on their account.  To access the Manage Profile section of ClickSuper, simply click the Manage Profile option in the dropdown box as shown below:

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The following page will be displayed. There are two tabs on this page - Profile Details and Previous Login Attempts.

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Profile Details

Profile Details allows clients to choose a password question and answer so that if a password request occurs, the correct password answer must be provided. This ensures that only the appropriate user of the account can reset a password - not just anyone that can access the email address attached to the login. This provides added security and piece of mind.

The password question list has a number of suggestions as shown below but clients can choose their own question by selecting the Have your own question? option as shown below.

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If the Have your own question? option is selected, the opportunity to enter in both the question and the answer to the question is provided. Once both question and answer have been entered please click the Submit button to save your changes.

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If you do not choose to select your own question, simply choose from the suggested questions, enter the appropriate answer and click the Submit button to save your changes.

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Resetting your password

Once clients have entered a security question the email address and password for the account can also be updated as below. The username cannot be updated - updating the email address only updates the email address where password recovery emails are sent; not the username.

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Previous Login Attempts

Previous Login Attempts are a list of all login attempts made using this user account. An example is below:

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This shows both the date and time of the login attempt, the IP address of the computer used to attempt the login, whether the login attempt was successful or not and if not, the reason for the failure.

If there are any login attempts which you do not recognise, please reset your password immediately and let the Support Team know.

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