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Chatting with us

ClickSuper Support can be contacted by email or chat. Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:30pm (AEST), excluding public holidays.

ClickSuper can be reached by chat in two ways - via the chat link or by logging in and clicking the Chat with us button at the top of the website.

Direct Chat

The chat link to contact us directly is below:

When clicked, the following page will appear:

To chat with us, please enter your name and email address, the nature of your enquiry and a message, or the reason why you are getting in contact.  This is especially useful for clients who don't have login access such as SMSFs or clients experiencing difficulty logging in. Please ensure to have the ABN of your organisation ready and any other useful information ready so we can assist you promptly.

Portal Chat

To chat with us via the portal please log in to your ClickSuper account and click the Chat with Us button at the top of the page as shown below.

A chat box will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the page:

Please select the appropriate topic for your query via the dropdown displayed. If you are unsure that is okay - our representatives can assist with any query, so an estimate is fine. Once done, please type in your query, giving as much information as possible and include the ABN for your account with ClickSuper. After this, please click the Start Chatting button to connect to a representative for assistance.

Chatting with Support

When chatting with the ClickSuper Support team, the following box will be displayed.

To respond, simply type your message in the speech box at the bottom of the chat box as below:

Sending a file through chat

Many clients send through screenshots or supporting files to assist with their queries which is very helpful. If you would like to send through a file to ClickSuper via chat, please click the Options button at the bottom right corner of the chat box and then click the Send a file option.

Clients will be directed to select the appropriate file on their computer. Simply double click the appropriate file to send it through in chat.

Chat Transcript

Once the chat is over, clients can have a transcript of the chat emailed to them. To do this, please click the Options menu at the bottom of the chat box and then select the Email Transcript option.

The option to enter an email address will now be displayed. Please enter your email address and once the chat session has finished, a copy of the chat will be emailed to the email address specified.

Ending a chat

To end a chat, please click the Options menu in the bottom right hand corner.

Once selected, please click the End this chat button to end the chat. If you would like to receive an email transcript of the chat session, please follow the Email Transcript guide prior to ending the chat.

If you need help with anything not listed here, please seek guidance from a ClickSuper chat representative.

  • Please ensure to have the ABN of your organisation ready so we can assist you promptly.
  • If you are seeking help regarding a failed upload, please have the full error message received or the name of the file so we can help you. The full error can be obtained on the Uploads menu. A guide to finding an error is available here: Error Report.

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