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In this section you will learn how to search for a superannuation fund and allocate the fund to the employee record. This information will be utilised by ClickSuper to send payments to your employee’s superannuation fund. If you are uncertain of the information you will need to check with your employee.

Once you have completed Step 1 - Entering your employee details, select Deduction tab.

A minimum of one Deduction needs to be entered in order to pay superannuation for an employee. 



Step 1:  Select New Deduction  icon



The Employee Deductions page screen will open.

In the Payee Name field a drop down list of all current payees created for your organisation will appear. If the required Payee Name is not appearing for your employee then you will need to add the Payee to your organisation list by selecting the ADD MY PAYEE  icon.

Add My Payee


If the payee for your employee is not already listed below outlines how to add the payee name for employee deduction.

Step 1:               Select the New Deduction icon on the Deductions tab for the employee

Step 2:               Select ADD MY PAYEE  icon

The Search page screen will open. 



Step 3:               In the search field simply enter the Name, ABN, USI or Product Code in the search bar click the Search button. Results that match your search criteria will be presented in the grid.  To include SMSF in your search enable the selection. By default the SMSF are not included. Please note there are hundreds of thousands SMSF’s by including this in your search please allow for small time delay.


Note – To include SMSF in your search enable Include SMSF tick box.


Step 4:               Select by clicking on the entity that corresponds with the details provided by your employee. 



Step 5:               Select Create Payee  icon

The Create Payee details screen will open.

For Superfunds the Product Type, Company/Fund Name, ABN, Product Name and Product Code (USI) will automatically appeared for your selected entity.

Step 6:               Enter your Payee Name this is a mandatory field and must be entered. 

If the fund has supplied your organisation with a Contributor/Employer id then you can enter in the Contributor/Employer Id field. This is not a mandatory field.

Note: If multiple employees are members of the same fund the drop down menu will contain the details of all the funds (payees) you have created. It isn’t necessary to create a different payee for the same fund for every employee.

A deduction payee name will make it easier to identify funds that you established in your ClickSuper service.

Important: For Self Managed Super Funds you will need to enter the BSB and account number, account name and ESA that your employee has provided. It is important that you ensure the details provided by your employee are accurate and complies with all relevant legislation. ClickSuper does not validate the BSB and account number details for SMSF's. If your employee has not provided you with their ESA ensure to enter CLICKSUPER in the ESA field and ensure to on the Employee Details screen that you have entered their email address.



Step 7:               Click the tick box to save your Payee.

You will be returned to the Deduction tab of the employee.

Step 8:               Select New Deduction icon and your Payee Name will now appear in the list. 



You will now need to select the fund/s that your employee has nominated for their superannuation contributions.

  1. Select the fund/s you have established from the drop down menu located at the bottom of the grid. The drop down menu will contain all the funds you have created with ClickSuper.

  2. After selecting the fund from the drop down menu you will need to:

  3. Enter the superannuation Fund Member Number provided to you by your employee;

  4.  .Select the contribution type from the Contribution type drop down menu ; and

  5. .Enter the amount of the contribution.




Note: If the employee has nominated multiple funds you will need to repeat this process for each fund.


After adding the deductions, the details will appear on the Deduction tab for the employee. 



Select Edit Deduction to amend the details or Delete Deductions to remove the record from the employee superannuation fund details.


You will need to include an amount for the employee record.


 If the amount varies you will be able to edit the amount field when preparing the superannuation contribution (this step is explained in Step 3 Contributions – Creating a superannuation contribution).


Repeat this section for each of your employees.


Note: If multiple employees are members of the same fund the drop down menu will contain the details of all the funds you have created with ClickSuper.





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