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In this section you will learn how to prepare, review and edit your employee’s superannuation contributions prior to arranging payment.

ClickSuper will securely store all employee details you have created. When you elect to make your superannuation contribution, the ClickSuper database will compile all current employee details that have been established in the database, and create a contribution payment for each fund assigned to your employees for you to review. 




To create a new contribution


Step 1:               Select Schedules from the menu.


The grid will display all contributions you have created previously.

Schedules with a Status of Draft can be viewed and edited for Finalisation, this will create payment entries.

Schedules with a Status of Finalised can be viewed only.


Step 2:               To create a new schedule select Select the NEW  icon and select Schedule

A create new Contribution Schedule screen will open. In this screen you enter the name you would like to assign to the contribution and the period it relates to: 



Step 1:               Type in the name of the contribution in the Contribution Short Name field;

Step 2:               Select the Period Start Date from the calendar control box or you can simply type in the required date;

Step 3:               Select the Period End Date from the calendar control box or you can simply type in the required date; and

Step 4:               Select tick box to save and ClickSuper will compile the employee records for you to review.

This will open Contribution Schedule ready for editing.



 Note: Your schedule will automatically save to Status of Draft mode.

Important: All current employees will be included in the schedule or if there Date Left falls within the contribution pay period.



From the grid you can edit the amount of the contribution, add a new deduction for an employee or delete employees you do not want to be included in this contribution schedule.

Step 5:  Select employee record row and the Amount field will automatically be ready for editing.

You may also elect to delete an employee record from the contribution you are working on, to do this, select Delete to remove the row from the contribution schedule.

You may also elect to include a new deduction for an employee for the contribution you are working on, to do this, select the New Deduction icon

Note: If you are deleting or including new deductions for an employee via the contribution schedule this is only temporary for the contribution schedule you are processing. Permanent changes are required to be processed on the Employee Deductions tab

Important: ClickSuper when you finalised your contribution schedule for Payments any Amount fields that you have edited, you will be ask if you want to make this Permanent for the employee and this will update the Amount field on the Employee Deduction tab. So the next time you create a new schedule these new amount details will be included.


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