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Step 4: Payments – Scheduling your superannuation contributions for payment


In this section you will learn how to schedule your employee’s superannuation contribution for payment.

ClickSuper allows you to schedule contribution payments, by selecting the calendar and selecting your business day.

ClickSuper requires three business days to process each contribution. You will need to ensure that all payments are scheduled three business days prior to the due date of any contribution. The ClickSuper Financial Services Guide provides additional information on how ClickSuper processes payments.

All contribution payments are grouped by product code/USI. This payment may include contributions for one or many employees.

To review the payment remittance information select on the Amount field and this will take you to the Contribution Manager to display all the details.

Important: All payments will initially have a status of Unscheduled. Unscheduled payments will not be initiated until you scheduled the Payment Date.

All payments will initially have a status of Unscheduled. Unscheduled payments will not be processed until you enter the required Payment Date.

To schedule a payment to a fund:

Step 1 : Select a row containing the superfund  you are scheduling payment for

Step 2: Either select the Schedule All or Schedule icon


 Step 3 – Select the Payment Date field you may manually enter the date or utilise the calendar to select a date. Once you have selected the date click tick to save the change.

This will schedule all payments.


Once all superannuation payments are scheduled your nominated bank account will be debited to fund the superannuation payment.

 Your nominated ClickSuper funding account will be debited on the next available business day for all scheduled payments saved after 4PM EST.

If you schedule the payment on a business day prior to 4PM EST your account will be debited on the same business day.

ClickSuper does not process payment on weekends or national public holidays. Payments scheduled on weekends or national public holidays will be processed the next available business day.


Click here for detailed information for Payments

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