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Step 5: Payments Status


ClickSuper will provide payment statuses of contributions you have scheduled for payments.

ClickSuper payments and funding transactions may fail and it is important that you regularly check the payment status of your contributions.

ClickSuper will send a separate payment to each fund receiving a payment from your organisation. If you are sending payments to multiple funds, you will need to check the status for each fund.

To simplify this procedure you can sort by the short name you entered when creating the contribution. To check the payment status, select Payments from the menu.

ClickSuper will keep you updated of the status of your payments. It is important that you take the action recommended in the table below for payments that have not been processed.

 Payment Status               Description

Credit Failed

Payment to a fund has failed. This is usually due to incorrect fund bank account details, so most often affects Self Managed Super Funds, where the employer data provides the bank account details.

Credit Sent

Payment has been sent to the fund.

Debit Failed

Direct Debit of your ClickSuper funding account has failed, scheduled payments will not be sent. Please check the bank account details you have provided to ClickSuper and ensure there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the debit. Note that most 'Online' savings accounts do not allow direct debits.

Debit Sent

Your ClickSuper funding account has been debited for scheduled contributions.


Payment has been sent to the fund.


Payment has been returned by a fund.


Payment has been scheduled.


Payment data has been loaded to the system and need to be scheduled.


The nominated debit account has not be authorised for payments – please contact ClickSuper Support.




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